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Posted By : Matt Simpson
Why More Brands Are Joining Facebook…

And How To Do It Right [Video]

It’s no secret: if you want to connect with consumers, especially that key 18-34 demographic, you had better be online. While many of us still consider Google the be-all end-all of online companies, Facebook has passed Google in terms of visits as well as engagement. The average Facebook user spends 7 hours a month on the site!

Brand participation seems simple enough. Just create a branded Facebook page and you’re good to go, right? But how do get consumers to “like” and engage with your brand?

Bulbstorm CEO Bart Steiner, a P&G alum and former marketing consultant to General Mills, Quaker, Dannon and more, recently addressed these issues and more during his presentation at the 2010 Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) conference. Check out the video to learn more.

Bulbstorm CEO Bart Steiner Talks Social Media at the GMA Conference

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