March 2010 17
Can Walmart Save the World?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Retailer Announces Further Sustainability Goals Regardless of how you feel about Walmart, there’s no denying the overwhelming economic power of one of the world’s largest public corporations. The retailer from Bentonville’s relentless

February 2010 15
When life gives you lemons…
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

It’s Not A Pink Slip, It’s a Blank Page The CPG Branding and Marketing Forum is not a job board. The forum typically doesn’t have pieces of career advice or listings of job hunting techniques. There

January 2010 10
Clean Clothes Never Go Out of Style
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Procter & Gamble Bets on Clean It’s hard to live in Cincinnati without following Tide laundry detergent—at least for a branding and design professional. Initially introduced in the 1940’s “America’s Washday Favorite” has become an