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Posted By : Steve Friedman
Where Do You Find Health?

Can a Brand Make You Feel Better?

There are tens of millions of websites. When you look for how to keep yourself and your family healthy, there are tens of thousands of health web sites to spew information. If you are looking for consumers to interact with your brand is that where they’re doing it? It’s highly doubtful.

Did you know you wanted to buy that (insert your favorite product here) on your television, computer or smart phone screen or when you were standing right in front of it? Where is the true consumer engagement? Where are people making decisions about their health?

Think about where consumers go everyday when they’re not in front of their computers.

They go to the grocery store. Many shoppers spend an hour or so choosing what to buy for their families.

They go to church. Did you know that many churches have a ‘health’ minister who’s responsible for helping keep the congregation well?

They go to school. With the childhood obesity issue on everyone’s mind these days, school organizations are hungry for programs that can enhance the well being of their communities.

And they go to work. Employers have a vested interest in keeping their work forces healthy—making an employer wellness event a great opportunity.

One more thing—true community engagement enables members to ‘give back’. What if you could deliver a healthy brand message in a context that gives the consumer an opportunity to do some good in their own community.

Wouldn’t that make everybody feel better?

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