August 2012 06
Targeting Moms. Forgetting Dads.
Posted By : Jeannie Chan
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With the London Olympics underway, there has been much discussions about the commercials being aired during the Games.  At a recent #blogchat, one question that was heatedly debated was the female-oriented P&G commercials.  P&G had

July 2012 17
The Client and Agency Relationship
Posted By : Michael Giardina
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4 Things Each Can Do To Build It The Client and Agency relationship is typically an evolving, and at times, interesting dynamic in its mix of corporate political formality and genuine human interaction. At its

June 2012 05
Is Your Brand Ready to Tap the Green Affluents?
Posted By : Marc Stoiber
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My job is creating futureproof brands for clients. I believe those brands are built on sustainability, innovation, design, insight and sociability. Among these attributes, insight has a special place. Get it right, and your brand

April 2011 09
I Smell a Scent Trend
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

What is a trend? For me, it is when the street meets the runway. In the world of scents, this is when a fragrance is found on the shelves of every day consumers at the

January 2011 27
Is Potty Humor Rocket Science?
Posted By : Jim Joseph

I have a confession I love commercials with babies. Maybe it’s because my first brand assignment was on Johnson’s Baby Products or maybe it’s because I like the potty humor, not sure. It’s certainly not

November 2010 04
Outdoor TEXAS Grill
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

Tracy’s Scented Spaces Series Most of us are familiar with outdoor aromas—rich dimensions of charcoal, burning sugar, pungent BBQ sauce, roasting chicken, ribs—heavenly. For me, this is family time. A space where we enjoy each

October 2010 08
The Perception of Scent
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

Tracy’s Scented Spaces Series This is a direct follow up to my scented diary series post on June 30th. Recently a group of teens started a protest against Abercrombie and Fitch in San Francisco, CA.

August 2010 19
Wheat Thins Tweets
Posted By : Jim Joseph

Wheat Thins just came out with a new advertising campaign right after my own heart. It fuses new media with traditional media in a seamless experience tied directly to the essence of the brand.

August 2010 09
Family Movie Night Makes a Comeback
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Walmart and P&G Present the Jensen Project A funny thing happened on the way to 1,000 cable and satellite stations—it became harder to find quality family entertainment on television. Gone are the days of the