February 2010 28
Have Brand Marketers Lost Control?
Posted By : Jeannie Chan

Branding Beyond the Brief Elsewhere on the world wide web, there is a challenge to state the difference between a brand and a commodity in a sentence or less. Many marketers answered the challenge. After

February 2010 15
When life gives you lemons…
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

It’s Not A Pink Slip, It’s a Blank Page The CPG Branding and Marketing Forum is not a job board. The forum typically doesn’t have pieces of career advice or listings of job hunting techniques. There

February 2010 02
How Hot Do You Like It?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Tabasco Heats Things Up with Social Media Facebook asked me to become a fan of Tabasco the other day. Of course, I responded immediately. I’ve been a Tabasco enthusiast for as long as I can remember. While

January 2010 21
The Battery Category Powers Inspiration
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Energizer Sales and Support Are Up According to Jack Neff’s recent Advertising Age article, Zhu Zhu Pets may have helped the battery category through the holidays, but it may not be the only thing powering

January 2010 19
Coors Readies for the Big Contest
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Can a Package Leverage Promotional Excitement? I don’t drink Coors Light, but I’ve seen the commercials on TV. The coaching press conference spots are memorable, the silver train is

January 2010 18
Is Pepsi the Newest Real Thing?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Pepsico Throws Back with Real Sugar Pepsi and Mountain Dew I’m a little confused. Isn’t Pepsi the choice of a new generation—the opposite of Coke’s “Real Thing”? Although the cola was first introduced in the 1890’s,

January 2010 14
How Far Can A Brand Stretch?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Ritz Opens Fun with Glitz and Sub Brands OK, I get it. Ritz is the King of Crackers (it’s alright, folks. I don’t have a cracker obsession, but my kids might). The flaky, buttery cracker’s—first

January 2010 10
Clean Clothes Never Go Out of Style
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Procter & Gamble Bets on Clean It’s hard to live in Cincinnati without following Tide laundry detergent—at least for a branding and design professional. Initially introduced in the 1940’s “America’s Washday Favorite” has become an