August 2010 04
In Anticipation of “Eat Pray Love”
Posted By : Jim Joseph

The Marketing of Finding Yourself Everyone loves a good summer “feel good” movie, and everyone loves a come back. Brace yourselves for a big one on both accounts. Coming this month, the new movie with

July 2010 29
Devices: The New Identity Statement
Posted By : Simon Williams

Is Technology an Important Cultural Beacon? These days, traveling, especially business traveling, has become a sort of anthropological adventure and I am not just talking about the charm of air travel. I include all forms

July 2010 09
What is Your Burning Question?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Forum member Bob Gilbreath, Chief Marketing Strategist at Bridge Worldwide, just got back from the Cannes Lions Ad Festival where he co-hosted a seminar with, Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing Officer of P&G.  In their

June 2010 08
Forum Member Makes Cover of AdAge
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

K-C’s Christine Mau is a Woman to Watch! Be sure to read about Kimberly-Clark Brand Design Director Christine Mau and other women to watch in this week’s issue of Advertising Age. Among many other accomplishments,

May 2010 20
Where Do You Find Health?
Posted By : Steve Friedman

Can a Brand Make You Feel Better? There are tens of millions of websites. When you look for how to keep yourself and your family healthy, there are tens of thousands of health web sites

April 2010 12
The Art of Abandonment
Posted By : Jeannie Chan

Recently, I noticed a new something. Perhaps it’s nothing, or perhaps it’s the beginning of a new fad in the world of advertising. Two major brands have been using self-deprecating  humor, by abandoning their past.

April 2010 06
Is Your Brand Eclectic or Just a Mess?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Are You Communicating Clearly? According to Merriam-Webster, eclectic may be defined as, “composed of elements drawn from various sources.” Better Homes and Gardens describe eclectic as, “the perfect blend of new and old elements in

March 2010 30
Beware the (False) God of Big
Posted By : Simon Williams

I have to believe that the current Toyota brand trauma has resulted in many nervous boardroom discussions in other corporations around the world. I mean, how did one of the most sought-after and respected brands

March 2010 04
Can Innovation Really Drive Sales?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Domino’s Sees Profits Grow from New Recipe By now we’ve all seen all the commercials and maybe even tried the new pizza recipe. Frank comments from focus groups prompted Ann Arbor based Domino’s Pizza to