August 2012 15
Is This the End of Branding as We Know It?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore
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AdAge reports that Australia has ruled in favor of plain packaging requirement across all tobacco brands. Regardless of how you feel about the product, is uniform packaging the end of big tobacco? If the product

January 2011 10
Brand Resolutions
Posted By : Rochelle Fainstein

What Do You Want, What Do You Need? It’s the first year of a new decade and while we consider and promise ourselves ways we can make this new one rewarding for our bodies and

July 2010 01
Where Do You Find Trust?
Posted By : Steve Friedman

Grassroot Efforts Provide Meaning There is a lot of discussion now about the power of your friends online. They have the ability to recommend products, services, websites and even other friends. But how much do

June 2010 10
The Private Label Challenge
Posted By : Steve Friedman

Going Beyond the Health Headline At the OTC National Conference in Philadelphia last month Brian Levy spoke about the evolution of health & wellness marketing. Private label brands were the hot topic of conversation at

May 2010 20
Where Do You Find Health?
Posted By : Steve Friedman

Can a Brand Make You Feel Better? There are tens of millions of websites. When you look for how to keep yourself and your family healthy, there are tens of thousands of health web sites

May 2010 06
Driving Value Online
Posted By : Steve Friedman

Information Is Not Enough A recent National Grocers Association study confirmed what we already know — 75% of consumers use the Internet on a regular basis to learn about nutrition issues. That’s more than any