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Weekly Update

Well, seems there’s a blanket of snow across half the US, but it’s not stopping new activity with the CPG Branding and Marketing Forum. The group forum on Linkedin has a number of new discussions, including thoughts from forum members, Ted L. Simon, Patrick Florville, Matt Simpson, Brian Daniel, Cornelius Ringe, Rick Shea and Jenny Feng to name a few. Also, Barb Kelly and a number of other members have contributed news items.

Contributors on the website have been busy as well over the past week. Be sure to read postings from Adam Schorr, Rowland Heming, Rhonda Page and myself.

This week:

Check out the backgrounds of all current writers in the “about” section of the website.

In addition to these writers, the forum is actively recruiting new contributors. If you would like to be considered as a contributor to the site, please send an email to editor@cpgbranding.com. Be sure to include your name, company’s name and contact information with your email, as well as a description of how you would like to contribute to our community. I hope you will join us!

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