March 2011 14
Scent—Helping New Design!
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

Creativity is an interesting subject because it is manifested in good design. Design can be translated into various forms but in the end, it is an expression of new or inspiring ideas. I believe a

January 2011 17
Move over 3D—Aroma and Technology Meet
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

Innovative Scent Delivery System Years ago, the thought of a scented e-mail or a device connected to our home entertainment centers that allows us to enjoy specific aromas while watching theater or gaming was merely

September 2010 03
The Perfect Scented Space
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

Tracy’s Scented Spaces Series While on holidays with my husband I found myself inhaling the familiar aromas of one of the most perfect scented spaces—the beach. If I was to capture this famous aromatic delight

August 2010 20
Mobilize Your Packaging
Posted By : Lisa Baer

Three New Trends in Tech Savvy Packaging We’ve all seen ’em. Those attention-getting, conversation-starting trends. As an avid trend spotter, I’ve learned that simply citing trends does not equal the long view necessary for true

August 2010 02
The Scent of Shopper Insights
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

Tracy’s Smell Diary Recently I had the unique opportunity to transform the Shopper Insights conference space that was held 

from July 11th to the 14th, in Chicago, into a sensory experience. USA brands (mainly) calibrated

May 2010 04
Forum Update
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Did you know there are over 4,500 select members of the CPG Branding and Marketing Forum on Linkedin and that marketers from almost 1,075 cities in 55 countries around the globe have visited this site?

April 2010 06
Is Your Brand Eclectic or Just a Mess?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Are You Communicating Clearly? According to Merriam-Webster, eclectic may be defined as, “composed of elements drawn from various sources.” Better Homes and Gardens describe eclectic as, “the perfect blend of new and old elements in

April 2010 01
I Love to Be Inspired
Posted By : Rhonda Page

In my last post about “Podcamp 2010″ I talked about the notion of the unconference for anyone interested in exploring the cutting-edge of social media. I don’t want to be redundant here but If you