February 2010 25
How Are Women Changing the World?
Posted By : Rochelle Fainstein

The Rising Deciders There’s more and more talk recently of women superseding men in the workforce as they become increasingly more educated, completing degrees that are more advanced than those of their male counterparts, and

February 2010 10
Weekly Update
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Hello! Well, seems there’s a blanket of snow across half the US, but it’s not stopping new activity with the CPG Branding and Marketing Forum. The group forum on Linkedin has a number of new discussions,

January 2010 20
Kraft to Acquire Cadbury
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Sweet Deal Solidifies Global Offering, Creating $50 billion company Talk about the competitive advantage of scale, Kraft may have sold DiGiorno and Tombstone to help finance the deal, but will command 15% of the world’s market

December 2009 29
Nike, Time-Tested #5
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

The Goddess of Victory Just Does It OK, Nike is beyond time-tested. Bigger than a mere institution, the swoosh is perhaps one of the most iconic brands ever. More motivating than Coca-Cola, the running

December 2009 08
Would You Buy a Broken Cracker?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Nabisco Wheat Thins Redesign As I walked down the cracker aisle of my local supermarket the other day, I was surprised to see that Kraft has once again changed their Nabisco Wheat Thins brand and

December 2009 03
Official Call for Panelists
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

AIGA Cincinnati 2nd Annual Green Salon Planning has begun on the AIGA Cincinnati 2nd Annual Green Salon. We are actively recruiting individuals to become panelists for this year’s event. If you are interested, please submit