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Posted By : Tracy Pepe
Move over 3D—Aroma and Technology Meet

Innovative Scent Delivery System

Years ago, the thought of a scented e-mail or a device connected to our home entertainment centers that allows us to enjoy specific aromas while watching theater or gaming was merely fanciful. The idea that we can become part of the experience by smelling aromas that carry us away in a moment of time has finally become reality.

As every industry develops and grows, and as other emerging markets change, new technologies find their place in markets when the time is right. The original inventor of this device had been working on it for over 15 years; time was never a gentle ally.

The genius of this particular technology lies in the possibilities for the industry and consumers. In a time when customization is so clear and when technology is lacking emotion, merging these two elements opens endless opportunities.

ScentScape® is an innovative digital scent delivery system that provides the dimension of scent to gaming, entertainment and other markets. Scent Sciences’ technologies enrich user experience by layering scents to enhance immersion and presence with unique delivery hardware, software, and services. Simply connect the Plug-N- Play unit into any compatible PC for an instant experience of sight, sound, and smell. Enhance your viewing experience of your home videos by adding the scents you experienced during filming—birthday cake, flowers, the ocean or roasted turkey. The Scent Editor® application is easy to use and provides the tools to add scent during the editing process. Imagine smelling the Christmas tree when viewing your family’s Christmas morning videos several years from now!

The applications for this particular device have incredible potential for consumer packing companies. Imagine a demo that offers aromas to enhance the sensory experience and add power to the visual messages. As technology increases within my industry (scent design/ scent marketing) more and more companies will enter the market providing us with tools to better enhance experiences. Even though I am thrilled to see and smell something like this, it must be stressed that the aromas capture the experience, not the technology. This device allows branders, perfumers, and creative aromatic designers another tool to change an aromatic experience—an incredible one, may I say!


  • Tracy – scentscaping sounds awesome. From a marketing standpoint I think including a scent with a strong visual message is a WINNER and would entice me to complete some type of call to action.

    I think watching the FOOD network would be on a whole new level with scenting! I can only imaging Chef Emeril Lagasse yelling BAM! and being hit with a mouth watering scent – yum!

    We are moving into the live version of the Jetsons for sure and I’m glad to be a part of it.


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  • I so agree about the food network – IRON Chef America would be incredible – featuring the secret ingredient.

    Thanks for posting

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