- September
Posted By : Steve Friedman
The Path to Happiness

A Lesson for Marketers

As the economy sputters along and the unemployment rate refuses to bend, there is a lot of talk about the collective psyche of Americans, as well as what makes people happy.

Has there been a big return to our core values—family, community, faith, service and health and most importantly, truth?

I would contend that people who try to do the right thing—and tell the truth—are inherently more happy than those who don’t. In part, others recognize that quality and are attracted to it and trust them. Give people a reason to believe you and—as long as you don’t betray that trust—the bond will grow stronger and stronger, making you both happy.

For marketers may be a great lesson to learn. With many differing channels available to touch and communicate with core customers, marketers have many chances to gain trust and make them happy.  It is not an easy task, but certainly one that should be taken very seriously. Help consumers make better choices for their family, show them how they can make a positive impact on their community, demonstrate that you support them in their faith and effort to provide service. Teach them how to make healthy choices that let them live happier lives.

Tell people the truth and create a bond of trust—whether they are your friends or your customers you will have them for a very long time.

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