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Posted By : Matt Simpson
How To Drive Sustainable Brand Engagement…

Branding On Facebook [Video]

Any brand can increase its Facebook fans with free products and special offers, but what’s to prevent new fans from unsubscribing right after they cash in on the promotion?

“Engagement” is the magic word when it comes to fan retention, something many brands struggle with because they lack interesting and appropriate content, consumer trust, or the wherewithal to listen and respond to the conversation consumers are having about them.

Bulbstorm CEO Bart Steiner, a P&G alum and former marketing consultant to General Mills, Quaker, Dannon and others, recently addressed this issue and offered solutions for sustainable brand engagement during his presentation at the 2010 Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) conference. Check out the video to learn more.

Fostering Customer Engagement Online


  • Great article. Whats in it for me (WIIFM) is the real question. Why should I like your page? Once I do like it, what happens? Is this clearly laid out and easy to understand?

    If you make the original incentive sweet they will [LIKE] and hopefully continue to like and share the fan page. I think there has to be a strong strategy behind the fan page to begin with. The path the user takes and how he/she is guided through the process is important. For example:

    – User is shown a free EBOOK and told once they [LIKE] the page they are given the ebook (incentive). This should be done with strong images/graphics and FBML

    – After they [LIKE] you show another message which says something along these lines: By being a fan of this page every 4-6 weeks we will be posting a new Widget/Ebook/Incentive which is only viewable on this fan page.

    So you are asking them to stick around and not [unlike] the page and the only way they will get the future widget/ebook/incentive is by being a fan.

    So there are always ways to keep a user engaged; you just have to plan ahead and always think about WIIFM!

    BTW – FEB 7-9 2011; we will have Ben Blumenfeld, Creative Lead @ Facebook speaking at the Destination Design Management conference. You might want to come and ask him questions about facebook! Get more info here: http://bit.ly/ewij2F

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