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Fantastic and Sustainable Design!

One Industrial Design Student’s Vision of the Future File this one under the heading of “I wish I had thought of this.” Industrial design student Andrew Kim, of College for Creative Studies, has created an innovative and sustainable concept on a contemporary classic. The time-tested and curved Coca-Cola package

What’s in the Cards?

Famed Bicycle Brand Deals a Full House I like card games. Poker, euchre and Uno are all favorites of mine. Poker is with the guys, euchre tends to be with couples and Uno is fun with the kids. While I’ve never played bridge, I can imagine Omar

How Hot Do You Like It?

Tabasco Heats Things Up with Social Media Facebook asked me to become a fan of Tabasco the other day. Of course, I responded immediately. I’ve been a Tabasco enthusiast for as long as I can remember. While I’m a proponent of a great many consumer products, only a few rank highly enough to be “fan-worthy” on the [...]

Nike, Time-Tested #5

The Goddess of Victory Just Does It OK, Nike is beyond time-tested. Bigger than a mere institution, the swoosh is perhaps one of the most iconic brands ever. More motivating than Coca-Cola, the running

Campbell’s Soup, Time-Tested #4

The Pop Art that Eats Like a Meal? OK, I know Campbell’s Soup is iconic. Andy Warhol made sure of that, but this lowly commodity, this pantry staple is an incredible platform for a message with meaning. For the

Is GM squandering Saab?

A Brand Driven into the Ground While not a consumer packaged good, the historic automaker certainly represents a easily recognized, innovative Swedish automotive nameplate. With a future in question and dealer assets at risk, what will

Heinz, Time-Tested #3

Want Some Thrills With That Rich and Thick Heritage? Another brand close to this editor’s heart is the flagship product of a company originally known for “57 varieties”. Founded in 1869, the H.J. Heinz Company now manufactures and markets

Victorinox, Time-Tested #2

Swiss Army Brand Fine writing instruments, watches, flashlights, apparel and luggage are just a few of the ways that Victorinox has leveraged Swiss Army into a widely successful line of branded and licensed products around

Bass Pale Ale, Time-Tested #1

The Original Pale Ale Artists and writers often hear that they should create from their own experience—pull from what they know. If that holds true for branding professionals, then the criteria for this forum’s “time-tested” brands should include a widely known brand with roots