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Posted By : Jim Joseph
Hallmark—A Brand that Gets It

Hallmark is clearly a brand that “gets it” — it knows how to be a brand. Fulfilling the needs of its consumers, emotionally as well as functionally, and I would add that its the emotional component that seals the deal. More than just greeting cards, the brand has evolved to a full line of products, retail stores, services, and entertainment. It’s an emotionally based mega-brand.

But I have to say that the brand’s newest offering takes it up a notch. Maybe it’s the holidays and I am feeling particularly stretched like the rest of us, but I literally jumped up and screamed at the television screen when I saw the latest Hallmark commercial the other day.

Putting together the family holiday card is always a source of stress, particularly when you try to take one of those now infamous family photos every year. First you have to get the kids to agree to it, year after year, and then you actually have to get them in one place looking decent and happy. You snap the photo, pick the best one you possibly can (a nightmare alone), get them printed, enveloped, addressed, stamped, and sent to the post office. I know, I just spent my weekend going through the whole process!

Hallmark gets it, they totally get it. They took a whole lot of time and hassle out of this crazy process by doing the entire back-end for you. Simply take and pick your family photo (simply, he says!), upload it to the Hallmark website and complete everything right there. You choose the style and format, upload your addresses, and then Hallmark prints, envelopes, stamps, and mails all of your holiday cards. Of course you can also choose from an entire range of other holiday products as well. C’mon this is Hallmark!

“Cards that mail themselves”, as the brand says on the website. And not just for the holidays … the brand offers this service year round for all greeting card needs for both consumers and for businesses.

Holy cannoli I love it. Is this a brand that gets it or what? And then as the television commercial so smartly promises, you can run off and get other things done (like spend time with your family and friends). Simple, brilliant, functional, far reaching, emotionally fulfilling … just what a great brand should be.


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