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Posted By : Matt Simpson
Facebook Leads Way for Online Coupons

4 Reasons to Distribute CPG Coupons on Facebook Fan Pages

Coupons are nothing new to CPG marketers. However, coupon distribution is increasingly moving online with Facebook leading the way. Here are four reasons CPG marketers are turning to Facebook:

  1. Higher redemption rates. On Facebook, the consumers themselves opt in to receive and print the coupon. Naturally, the redemption rate is higher than in traditional print distribution. One of my company’s CPG client reported coupon redemption rates over 30 percent for Facebook campaigns. This is 100 times the redemption rate of the brand’s newspaper FSI program!
  2. Demographic targeting. With traditional print distribution, CPG brands are forced to pay for eyeballs that may have no interest in your product. It’s simply inefficient. Social networks like Facebook offer a wealth of demographic data to marketers seeking to deliver the right message or offer to the right consumer.
  3. Lower distribution cost. Print media such as newspapers and magazines are burdened by overhead that’s passed on to advertisers. Distribution on Facebook fan pages requires partnership with an e-coupon vendor and access to a simple third-party Facebook application. With Facebook, CPG brands see higher redemption at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Long-term engagement. Coupons are great for driving trial. But how do brands establish long-term relationships? Online distribution allows brand marketers to drive consumers into a deeper engagement by asking (or requiring) them to like a Facebook fan page or opt in to email marketing programs.

Now, we’d certainly not recommend that there is only one way to distribute coupons. Print is a proven method for driving trial among a broad set of consumers. However, online distribution—particularly via Facebook—offers new opportunities to CPG brand marketers seeking to cost-efficiently build long-term brand loyalty.

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  • Completely agree.

    I believe consumers are more likely to print out coupons through viral facebook marketing than email campaigns. Even though most email templates allow for the “share” button to friends on facebook, I believe that keeping it within the facebook platform itself will make it easier to share with friends.

    It’s all about simplicity.

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