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Posted By : Thomas Gilmore
Design Career Forum Panelist

Thomas Gilmore recently participated with an eight person discussion panel at the AIGA Design Career Forum, held in at University of Cincinnati Raymond Walters College. The event was sponsored by AIGA Cincinnati Mentoring program.

The regional program individually pairs college seniors majoring in design with successful professionals in the industry.

Students who participate are interested in furthering their knowledge within the field and setting career goals. Professionals who participate generously share their expertise and advice on a one-on-one basis with their partner. The AIGA Cincinnati Mentoring Committee plans group activities each month from October through April.

According to Patrick Schreiber, RWC Assistant Professor of Visual Communication, “In light of the recent economic downturn, AIGA Cincinnati decided to open the Design Career Forum to all students and professionals rather than just students participating in the mentoring program, who are interested in pursuing a career in today’s tight job market.”

The event was a collection of panelists comprised of different backgrounds and design disciplines. Each offered “advice on the current job market, how to interview, how to create a dynamic portfolio, and how to move up in the world of design,” Schreiber said. The ultimate goal behind the event is to allow students to learn from the experiences of weathered designers.

The panel included Lisa Kuethe, Senior Designer, Great American; Joe Kruessel, Web Designer, U.S. Digital Partners; Kenny Snowball, Design Director , Rocket Science, Michel Bourgeois, Production Artist, Rocket Science; Tim Smith, Creative Director and AIGA Fellow, FRCH; Bridgette Hon, Environmental Designer, IKEA; Rachael Kauffung, Account Coordinator, Pop Design Works; and Mr. Gilmore.


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