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Posted By : Steve Friedman
Building Grassroots Success

Making Connections and Driving Loyalty

Grassroots is a term most people associate with politics, but increasingly grassroots movements have turned their attention to food, health and wellness. People are engaged in a broad range of activities and endeavors that support causes and values in which they believe. For marketers, this presents a real opportunity—and a challenge.

As consumers become more engaged at the grassroots level, it is no longer sufficient—and often seemingly inappropriate—for marketers to simply deliver a well-crafted message to a targeted consumer. Expectations have changed. Consumers are looking to support brands that support what’s important to them—and support it in meaningful ways.

Pepsico’s Refresh Everything campaign is a great example of this approach. They are not simply supporting grassroots efforts out of a sense of corporate responsibility—although that’s certainly part of it—but also because they know that by supporting what’s important to their consumers, they are building brand loyalty.

When it comes to health & wellness, consumers are looking to support brands that demonstrate in practical ways, that they also value health, wellness, community, the environment, and a sustainable future. Supporting these ideals with corporate communications dollars is one thing, but at the grassroots level brands can make a more meaningful and profound impact. If done correctly, these grassroots marketing programs can build a core of highly motivated consumers that view your brand as sharing their values—a connection that will inevitably drive purchase and loyalty.

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