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Sustainable Life Media to host SB Seminars

Join L’Oreal, Poet, Duro Bag, Kendall-Jackson, Pottery Barn, Lenzing Fibers,
Logico, Columbia University and many others at SB Seminars this Fall!

SB Seminars instructors are classroom veterans and Sustainability Pros. Find out who these teachers are and what they can teach you (and sign up before all seats are filled):

  • Jennifer Rice teaches you how your B2B, B2C or Retailer brand fits into the lifecycle of understanding, building and sharing a sustainability plan or product with stakeholders, whether internal or external.
  • John Marshall Roberts teaches you how to speak to every consumer with a psychographic filter, called the Worldview Assessment that argues that red state communications may look very different from blue state communications when presenting sustainability products and services.
  • Jeremy Faludi teaches you about the Design considerations you will need to take into consideration when beginning with the classic Life Cycle Analysis of a proposed product. His class will take apart the products students bring in and determine their LCA rating, and where improvements can be made.
  • Phil Berry teaches you about how complicated it is to introduce sustainability into the supply chain. He helps you understand the peers you need to convince, the targets that are the low hanging fruit, and the challenges you’re likely to face over this long process.
  • Rainer O will tell you what to measure, who needs to know the results, and why. Sustainability in operations is complicated to measure, and with ever changing standards, the ability to understand what to measure and who to tell about it is becoming more important.