April 2011 09
I Smell a Scent Trend
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

What is a trend? For me, it is when the street meets the runway. In the world of scents, this is when a fragrance is found on the shelves of every day consumers at the

March 2011 21
Product as Display
Posted By : Jeannie Chan

Sometimes, the best display vehicle is simply your own products displayed dramatically. It doesn’t take special shippers. It doesn’t take special packs. It doesn’t take anything

January 2011 18
How to Make a Package Design Store-Check
Posted By : Rowland Heming

Any new design initiative must be preceded by some form of market investigation, because without an understanding of the context within which a package or brand must communicate, any such initiative would be undertaken with

November 2010 11
Home Improvement Faces Opportunity
Posted By : Rochelle Fainstein

Brands Can Bust Through with Forward Facing Trends Let’s start with the good news. As a result of the economic downturn, we’re now working with consumers who are ready to work—on their homes that is.

October 2010 08
The Perception of Scent
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

Tracy’s Scented Spaces Series This is a direct follow up to my scented diary series post on June 30th. Recently a group of teens started a protest against Abercrombie and Fitch in San Francisco, CA.

June 2010 30
Ambercrombie & Fitch—A Case Study
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

Tracy’s Smell Diary Considering scent branding is relevantly new (more of the branding world is learning how this science works), I have decided the best way to educate my readers, is to discuss relevant case

May 2010 01
A Picture Worth One Thousand Words
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Spring is in the Air “Best spring fragrance store window I have seen, you want to plunge in that smell” – Marc Gobé CPG Branding and Marketing Forum member Marc Gobé, President of Emotional Branding,

April 2010 06
Is Your Brand Eclectic or Just a Mess?
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Are You Communicating Clearly? According to Merriam-Webster, eclectic may be defined as, “composed of elements drawn from various sources.” Better Homes and Gardens describe eclectic as, “the perfect blend of new and old elements in