October 2010 27
CPG Branding to Partner with IIR
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore
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CPG Branding and Marketing Forum is proud to announce a media partnership with IIR’s Destination Design Management conference in San Francisco this February.

September 2010 15
Message In the Bottle
Posted By : Rochelle Fainstein

As all the forward-thinking players of the CPG market ramp up their efforts in reducing carbon footprint through packaging innovation, creating packaging that is fully recyclable, lighter and more locally distributed, the wine category in

September 2010 03
Add Life to Your Labels…
Posted By : Jennifer Kreuser

Tell Your Brand’s Stories Isn’t it funny how many marketers flock to use the terms ‘antioxidant,’ ‘fat free’, and other, similar ubiquitous terms?  Or how so many companies rush to enlist in the latest ‘green’

August 2010 20
Mobilize Your Packaging
Posted By : Lisa Baer

Three New Trends in Tech Savvy Packaging We’ve all seen ’em. Those attention-getting, conversation-starting trends. As an avid trend spotter, I’ve learned that simply citing trends does not equal the long view necessary for true

August 2010 09
Family Movie Night Makes a Comeback
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Walmart and P&G Present the Jensen Project A funny thing happened on the way to 1,000 cable and satellite stations—it became harder to find quality family entertainment on television. Gone are the days of the

July 2010 29
Devices: The New Identity Statement
Posted By : Simon Williams

Is Technology an Important Cultural Beacon? These days, traveling, especially business traveling, has become a sort of anthropological adventure and I am not just talking about the charm of air travel. I include all forms

June 2010 08
Forum Member Makes Cover of AdAge
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

K-C’s Christine Mau is a Woman to Watch! Be sure to read about Kimberly-Clark Brand Design Director Christine Mau and other women to watch in this week’s issue of Advertising Age. Among many other accomplishments,

June 2010 03
Been Caught Stealing…
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore

Knowing. Making. Doing. CPG Branding and Marketing Forum member Marty Neumeier, Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency in San Francisco, just announced the latest in his in his “Steal This Idea” series. “If you want

May 2010 19
Why Some Branders Get It.
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

Each day I begin my morning by evaluating the scent world through interesting articles, research, new books, marketing campaigns. Even new fine fragrance launches. I look for inspiration, hope. Each morning I also evaluate the