June 2010 14
Nike on the London Grid
Posted By : Jim Joseph

Enabling Runners to Just Do It Clients ask me all the time: “Should we get into social media”? And I say the same thing every time: “Wrong question”! The question isn’t “should” it’s “how”! Almost

June 2010 09
Coupon Blogger Outreach
Posted By : Matt Simpson

The Long Tail of Social Media PR In PR 2.0, you don’t have to push product placement on cooking shows. You don’t even have to woo influential mom bloggers. No, social media success can be

May 2010 27
The Community Behind Your Brand
Posted By : Steve Friedman

A Discussion About Personalization and Community At a recent Mediabistro conference, innovative women across diverse industries came together to discuss the state of media today and where it’s headed. From speaker to speaker, two key

May 2010 06
Driving Value Online
Posted By : Steve Friedman

Information Is Not Enough A recent National Grocers Association study confirmed what we already know — 75% of consumers use the Internet on a regular basis to learn about nutrition issues. That’s more than any

April 2010 01
I Love to Be Inspired
Posted By : Rhonda Page

In my last post about “Podcamp 2010″ I talked about the notion of the unconference for anyone interested in exploring the cutting-edge of social media. I don’t want to be redundant here but If you

February 2010 28
Have Brand Marketers Lost Control?
Posted By : Jeannie Chan

Branding Beyond the Brief Elsewhere on the world wide web, there is a challenge to state the difference between a brand and a commodity in a sentence or less. Many marketers answered the challenge. After

February 2010 03
Do You Really Need a Target?
Posted By : Adam Schorr

Engage the Market, not Just a Hypothesis It is Marketing 101 gospel that you must have a customer target to position a brand or its offerings. Target is one of the four pillars of classical

January 2010 20
Can Brands Connect People?
Posted By : Jeff Boron

The Brand Platform Comes to Life in the Age of Social Marketing Now more than ever, exercises that develop and fine tune a brand’s fundamentals, or brand platform, are important not only as an internal