May 2013 07
BASF, And The Magic Of Human Chemistry
Posted By : Marc Stoiber

A key element of futureproof brands is innovation. As someone with a particular interest in building tough, resilient brands of the future, I’m always curious how big companies keep their innovation, well, innovative.

September 2012 27
Want a Futureproof Brand?
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Start with Uncomfortable Questions. Last week, I delivered a talk on motivating consumers to action. My formula for success boiled down to two simple fundamentals. Understand yourself, and understand your customer.

August 2012 07
New Book by Bryan Pearson
Posted By : Thomas Gilmore
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Bryan Pearson, President and CEO of LoyaltyOne, has just written a new book outlining how to unlock the key to relevancy and build trust with your consumers. By describing how to turn customer information into

August 2012 06
The Precautionary Principle of Marketing
Posted By : Michael Giardina

In 1999 there was a meeting of prestigious environmentalists and academics promoting a theory of thought around environmental policymaking called “The Precautionary Principle”. In its strictest sense, and broken down to its most basic tenet,

June 2012 28
Designing Sustainability That Sells
Posted By : Marc Stoiber
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Consumers are beginning to express their desire for more sustainable products. But by and large, green products are not making themselves easy to love. Lance Hosey, who keynoted at the recent Sustainable Brands conference, believes there’s still a

June 2012 05
Is Your Brand Ready to Tap the Green Affluents?
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My job is creating futureproof brands for clients. I believe those brands are built on sustainability, innovation, design, insight and sociability. Among these attributes, insight has a special place. Get it right, and your brand

March 2011 22
Chasing “Thriller”
Posted By : Jim Joseph
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Are You Just Hoping for a Repeat? I just recently finished teaching an intensive weekend marketing course at NYU—all about building the brand experience. Toward the end of the class I do a section on