February 2011 25
Time to Turn Up the Volume
Posted By : Simon Williams

The Brand Positioning Revolution Almost all agencies worth their salt include it as one of their core competencies. Almost every client of any sophistication acknowledges its importance. And yet, it seems to me, as an

September 2010 20
The Brand-Trap
Posted By : Simon Williams

The Thin Line between Being Loved and Being Loathed The ascent to brand success is an interesting ride. The upward path to growth is usually accompanied by a charismatic leader, superbly different product, strong financial

July 2010 29
Devices: The New Identity Statement
Posted By : Simon Williams

Is Technology an Important Cultural Beacon? These days, traveling, especially business traveling, has become a sort of anthropological adventure and I am not just talking about the charm of air travel. I include all forms

March 2010 30
Beware the (False) God of Big
Posted By : Simon Williams

I have to believe that the current Toyota brand trauma has resulted in many nervous boardroom discussions in other corporations around the world. I mean, how did one of the most sought-after and respected brands

January 2010 27
Can You Name Some Powerful Underdogs?
Posted By : Simon Williams

Brands that Punch Above Their Weight I’ve now heard this phrase several times over the past few months and decided to do a little detective work on the topic over the holidays. And talking to family,