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New Book by Bryan Pearson

Bryan Pearson, President and CEO of LoyaltyOne, has just written a new book outlining how to unlock the key to relevancy and build trust with your consumers. By describing how to turn customer information into customer intimacy, Bryan provides both compelling examples and actionable tools to make better sense of data and build better relationships. [...]

Wheat Thins Tweets

Wheat Thins just came out with a new advertising campaign right after my own heart. It fuses new media with traditional media in a seamless experience tied directly to the essence of the brand.

Landor’s Essentials of Branding

Good Branding Insight from Landor While marketing may sometimes take a bad rap for manipulation, there is something very exciting about the brand experience, as well as our overall consumer culture. Much like guest at a dinner party, an interesting conversationalist may be most sought after, and often the

People Love Brands, But Do Brands Love People?

Marc Gobé Updates Emotional Branding CPG Branding and Marketing Forum Member and industry hero of mine, Marc Gobé has recently updated his bestselling book, Emotional Branding. The revised edition includes the innovative branding and design pioneer’s winning strategies for branding success in the age of social

Is There Only One Right Answer?

“the lack of real innovation in business is because “we rely far too exclusively on analytical thinking, which merely refines current knowledge, producing small improvements to the status quo”