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What Future for Brand Design Companies?

The last 50 years has seen a rise in the realisation of the power of brand design, coming from what was before, just a part of the advertising process, today, brand design has become one of the principal ways in which brands and products communicate with their customers.

Packaging Design – The Next Decade

When I was asked to write my point of view as to where package design is going in the next decade, I wanted to avoid repeating what has already be said, over and over again. I would like to try to give my personal point of view of how I see the future, based not on a wet finger held up to the wind, but on my own experience of the past 40 something years in the profession and the active part I still play today.

How to Make a Package Design Store-Check

Any new design initiative must be preceded by some form of market investigation, because without an understanding of the context within which a package or brand must communicate, any such initiative would be undertaken with a virtual blindfold on!
The aim of this article is to give some guidance and methodology, in order to make your future store-checks both effective and useful to understanding the market context and aiding the design and marketing process.

The Impact of Crisis on Package Design

It is often said that in a time of crisis that private labels increase their share of the market, and whilst this is indeed true, in fact, as we look back over the last 40 years, we see that private labels have continued to capture a growing market share, year after year, crisis or no crisis!

Shopper Marketing—The ‘Not So’ Silent Salesman

The Role of the Package In-Store What motivates shoppers to go to the supermarket? Well mostly it seems, it just to buy a small number of items on a day to day basis (62% of all shopping trips, according to Unilever’s 2004 US study—Trip Management—The Next Big Thing), these shoppers are quick and determined, they [...]

Brands: Paying Attention to Colour

When you come to think about it, colour is one of the most effective tools that package designers and marketers have at their disposal, and yet it is probably one of the most overlooked. Knowing that colour can be used to identify and position a brand, and that it can be used to create an emotive response in a consumer’s mind, informing, reassuring and creating desire, you wonder why we just don’t pay enough attention to it!

Value: The Old Rules No Longer Apply

Have you noticed how our shopping habits are changing? : Consumers today are choosing to trade up towards the purchase of quality and luxury products, but at the same time these same consumers, are also accepting more and more to buy private label products and to shop at the hard discounters. It seems our definition of Value is changing, increasingly private labels are being seen as a quality alternative to major brands.


“It’s not the things we look at, but the way we look at things”

The question is, how can we promote innovation on a regular basis and harness it throughout our professional lives for ourselves, or the collective benefit of our companies and our customers?