March 2011 22
Chasing “Thriller”
Posted By : Jim Joseph
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Are You Just Hoping for a Repeat? I just recently finished teaching an intensive weekend marketing course at NYU—all about building the brand experience. Toward the end of the class I do a section on

March 2011 14
Scent—Helping New Design!
Posted By : Tracy Pepe

Creativity is an interesting subject because it is manifested in good design. Design can be translated into various forms but in the end, it is an expression of new or inspiring ideas. I believe a

January 2011 27
Is Potty Humor Rocket Science?
Posted By : Jim Joseph

I have a confession I love commercials with babies. Maybe it’s because my first brand assignment was on Johnson’s Baby Products or maybe it’s because I like the potty humor, not sure. It’s certainly not

January 2011 18
How to Make a Package Design Store-Check
Posted By : Rowland Heming

Any new design initiative must be preceded by some form of market investigation, because without an understanding of the context within which a package or brand must communicate, any such initiative would be undertaken with

January 2011 10
Brand Resolutions
Posted By : Rochelle Fainstein

What Do You Want, What Do You Need? It’s the first year of a new decade and while we consider and promise ourselves ways we can make this new one rewarding for our bodies and

January 2011 09
Is There a Right P?
Posted By : Jeannie Chan

Have the Four Ps of Marketing Become Blurred? Over at our LinkedIN Discussion Board, a lively discussion is taking place on Four Ps of Marketing. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Four Ps

December 2010 27
2010 Favorite Marketing Moments
Posted By : Jim Joseph

I love year-end lists… Can’t get enough of them. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is meant specifically for reviewing year-end lists, at least in my book! So I thought I’d compile a