New Book by Bryan Pearson

Bryan Pearson, President and CEO of LoyaltyOne, has just written a new book outlining how to unlock the key to relevancy and build trust with your consumers.

By describing how to turn customer information into customer intimacy, Bryan provides both compelling examples and actionable tools to make better sense of data and build better relationships.

Read an adapted excerpt from The Loyalty Leap, by Bryan Pearson at CPG Branding’s book section.


The Precautionary Principle of Marketing

In 1999 there was a meeting of prestigious environmentalists and academics promoting a theory of thought around environmental policymaking called “The Precautionary Principle”. In its strictest sense, and broken down to its most basic tenet, the principle states that “ultimate precaution should trump all other considerations in future Continue reading this post »

Targeting Moms. Forgetting Dads.

SKIES Mom, Pop and Tot Gymnastics Class With the London Olympics underway, there has been much discussions about the commercials being aired during the Games.  At a recent #blogchat, one question that was heatedly debated was the female-oriented P&G commercials.  P&G had long used the slogan “Proud Sponsor of Moms”.

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The Client and Agency Relationship

4 Things Each Can Do To Build It

The Client and Agency relationship is typically an evolving, and at times, interesting dynamic in its mix of corporate political formality and genuine human interaction. At its best the relationship is a true partnership built on mutual respect. At its worst it is Continue reading this post »

Designing Sustainability That Sells

Consumers are beginning to express their desire for more sustainable products. But by and large, green products are not making themselves easy to love.

Lance Hosey, who keynoted at the recent Sustainable Brands conference, believes there’s still a fundamental disconnect between form and function in green product design . Simply put, products that are more sustainable tend to telegraph sensible, not sexy.

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Is Your Brand Ready to Tap the Green Affluents?

My job is creating futureproof brands for clients. I believe those brands are built on sustainability, innovation, design, insight and sociability.

Among these attributes, insight has a special place. Get it right, and your brand lines up with what tomorrow’s consumers demand. Get it wrong, and you become the next Continue reading this post »

New Book by Laura Ries

CPG Branding and Marketing Forum member Laura Ries has just written a new book attacking Positioning, the marketing classic that has sold more than 1.4 million copies.

Learn more about Visual Hammer, by Laura at CPG Branding’s book section.

Facebook Can’t Do Magic

With the Facebook IPO, there has been a lot of discussion on the value of Facebook. Grounded in that discussion, there has also been a lot of chatter about Facebook’s revenue stream, generated through advertising. With that discussion, many marketers have weighted in.

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Can Your Brand See the Footprints of the Future?

We live in a time of unprecedented chaos. Whether it’s economic, environmental, technological or cultural uncertainty, the world we inhabit isn’t easy for people, or brands to navigate.

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New Book by Founders of Gerstman+Meyers

CPG Branding and Marketing Forum members Herb Meyers and Richard Gerstman share their first-hand experiences of leading the design consultancy Gerstman+Meyers, describing professional successes and their personal fulfillment.

Learn more about Business Ours: Starting Out and Building Your Own Business, by Herb Meyers and Richard Gerstman at CPG Branding’s book section.