“Business Ours” by Herb Meyers and Richard Gerstman

Starting Out and Building Your Own Business, co-authored by Herb Meyers and Richard Gerstman, is a book that will be of interest to entrepreneurs who are thinking about opening their own consulting office.

Based on their experiences of leading the design consultancy Gerstman+Meyers, the book suggests guidelines by describing how they succeeded in

  • launching a business and making it succeed
  • maintaining a strong business philosophy
  • providing strong leadership
  • gaining client confidence
  • nurturing longtime client relationships
  • establishing guidelines for staff work performance
  • inspiring staff loyalty for the benefit of the business
  • handling company growth
  • promoting the company creatively
  • dealing with the ups and downs of business
  • gaining personal fulfillment from being your own boss

The book can be ordered from the publisher’s website and will be available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. starting May 8th.