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Hallmark—A Brand that Gets It

Hallmark is clearly a brand that “gets it” — it knows how to be a brand. Fulfilling the needs of its consumers, emotionally as well as functionally, and I would add that its the

Branded CPG Apps Come to Smart Phones

Another Day, Another App … Certainly Seems Like That, Right? Everyday there are more apps to choose from for the iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.  In fact not a day goes by where we are not thinking of a new app idea for a client.  It’s fun and

Enough Seriousness, What’s in Your Cabinet?

Some Food for Thought So, the branding and marketing community spends a great deal of time creating processes, and procedures. We evolve research methodologies and innovation philosophies and practices, but what about the real world? When was the last time you

Outdoor TEXAS Grill

Tracy’s Scented Spaces Series Most of us are familiar with outdoor aromas—rich dimensions of charcoal, burning sugar, pungent BBQ sauce, roasting chicken, ribs—heavenly. For me, this is family time. A space where we enjoy each other’s company, and an opportunity where my brother-in-law gets

The Brand-Trap

The Thin Line between Being Loved and Being Loathed The ascent to brand success is an interesting ride. The upward path to growth is usually accompanied by a charismatic leader, superbly different product, strong financial performance and by newsworthiness and buzz.

The Path to Happiness

As the economy sputters along and the unemployment rate refuses to bend there is a lot of talk these days about the collective psyche of Americans these days and what makes people happy.

The Perfect Scented Space

Tracy’s Scented Spaces Series While on holidays with my husband I found myself inhaling the familiar aromas of one of the most perfect scented spaces—the beach. If I was to capture this famous aromatic delight in a bottle—I would begin with my vacation. When I design an aromatic experience

How Well Do You Know the College Market?

Beloit College Releases Annual Mindset List Every year Beloit College compiles—what was initially—a listing of an “intelligent but unprepared adolescent consciousness”. The annual listing has become a most anticipated cultural resource

Shopper Marketing—The ‘Not So’ Silent Salesman

The Role of the Package In-Store What motivates shoppers to go to the supermarket? Well mostly it seems, it just to buy a small number of items on a day to day basis (62% of all shopping trips, according to Unilever’s 2004 US study—Trip Management—The Next Big Thing), these shoppers are quick and determined, they [...]

Family Movie Night Makes a Comeback

Walmart and P&G Present the Jensen Project A funny thing happened on the way to 1,000 cable and satellite stations—it became harder to find quality family entertainment on television. Gone are the days of the wonderful world of the Sunday night movie. With unlimited choices, questionable content and repetitive story lines, television programming just isn’t what [...]