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Have Brands and Retailers Hit a Tipping Point?

Walmart Brings Back Delisted Brands As reported by Jack Neff this week in AdAge, “the world’s-biggest retailer had embarked on an ambitious program to winnow brand assortment in an effort to reduce inventory, improve margins

Can Walmart Save the World?

Retailer Announces Further Sustainability Goals Regardless of how you feel about Walmart, there’s no denying the overwhelming economic power of one of the world’s largest public corporations. The retailer from Bentonville’s relentless

Is this America’s Best Supermarket Ever?

Shopping the Retail Attraction that Jim Bonaminio Built. In last week’s post on Tabasco I mentioned a local retailer that many of you, I’m sure, have never heard of before. Jungle Jim’s International Market is a local treasure in Cincinnati. Shopping at this store isn’t so much a weekly chore as it is a fantastic

Value: The Old Rules No Longer Apply

Have you noticed how our shopping habits are changing? : Consumers today are choosing to trade up towards the purchase of quality and luxury products, but at the same time these same consumers, are also accepting more and more to buy private label products and to shop at the hard discounters. It seems our definition of Value is changing, increasingly private labels are being seen as a quality alternative to major brands.

Should We Settle for Intuition?

Be creative. Or, just ask! Often, we are creating designs for brands where there is no budget for consumer testing. That leaves us at the mercy of our own intuition and experience to determine whether a chosen design will speak to the target consumer in a way that is compelling enough

The “Stopper.” Why DID that stop me?

Occasionally, I go to the grocery store and walk up and down each aisle with only one thing in mind – to see which brand will stop me. To find which seashell (package) will grab my attention as I walk along the shores of the “sea of sameness” that stretches as far as

Coors Readies for the Big Contest

Can a Package Leverage Promotional Excitement? I don’t drink Coors Light, but I’ve seen the commercials on TV. The coaching press conference spots are memorable, the silver train is

Will Iconic Brands Survive?

Is Thrift the New Status? A recent BrandWeek story documents the erosion of iconic brands to less-expensive private label offerings, but will this trend continue after an economic recovery? Sales figures don’t lie, but it is hard to believe consumers will trade down in every category.

Victorinox, Time-Tested #2

Swiss Army Brand Fine writing instruments, watches, flashlights, apparel and luggage are just a few of the ways that Victorinox has leveraged Swiss Army into a widely successful line of branded and licensed products around

Think Inside the Big Box

Why you should become pallet-able with retail-ready packaging As a woman, there is always a great desire to be both strong and beautiful. We want to carry the contents and associated weight of each day on our shoulders, including information, expectation, encouragement, and fulfillment with a knowing style and