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Dimensions of Compatibility

How does a brand make the transition from merely being well thought of to becoming beloved by its customers? Is it just about creating a great product or service, or does it

Points of Connection in the Relationship Era

It is a Fundamental and Immutable Law of Marketing: Begin with a Deep Understanding of Your Customer. For years, this concept has been preached as a key ingredient to marketing success and an important means to an end. The idea has been to take whatever the marketer can find out about its customers and leverage [...]

Can Brands Connect People?

The Brand Platform Comes to Life in the Age of Social Marketing Now more than ever, exercises that develop and fine tune a brand’s fundamentals, or brand platform, are important not only as an internal compass for CPG marketers, but also serve as a concrete blueprint for the brand’s voice and overall approach in social

Can You Learn from a Relationship Expert?

What CPG Marketers Can Learn from Dr. Phil It seems like the idea of relationship marketing has been around for a long time, now. A very long time, indeed, if we include the relationships we (and generations before us) have had with our local merchants such as the hairstylist or accountant. And now that