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Chasing “Thriller”

Are You Just Hoping for a Repeat? I just recently finished teaching an intensive weekend marketing course at NYU—all about building the brand experience. Toward the end of the class I do a section on “making good choices”. I believe that the secret to successful marketing lies with making good

Is Potty Humor Rocket Science?

I have a confession I love commercials with babies. Maybe it’s because my first brand assignment was on Johnson’s Baby Products or maybe it’s because I like the potty humor, not sure. It’s certainly not because I love hanging out with babies, though, I found that part of life as a Dad way too stressful!

2010 Favorite Marketing Moments

I love year-end lists… Can’t get enough of them. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is meant specifically for reviewing year-end lists, at least in my book! So I thought I’d compile a

Hallmark—A Brand that Gets It

Hallmark is clearly a brand that “gets it” — it knows how to be a brand. Fulfilling the needs of its consumers, emotionally as well as functionally, and I would add that its the

Branded CPG Apps Come to Smart Phones

Another Day, Another App … Certainly Seems Like That, Right? Everyday there are more apps to choose from for the iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.  In fact not a day goes by where we are not thinking of a new app idea for a client.  It’s fun and

Simple Innovation from 3M

Just a quick little post on a new product that I think is so simple, yet so innovative. If you have a dog or a cat, you’ll love this product. If you’re a marketer, you’ll love that

Wheat Thins Tweets

Wheat Thins just came out with a new advertising campaign right after my own heart. It fuses new media with traditional media in a seamless experience tied directly to the essence of the brand.

In Anticipation of “Eat Pray Love”

The Marketing of Finding Yourself Everyone loves a good summer “feel good” movie, and everyone loves a come back. Brace yourselves for a big one on both accounts. Coming this month, the new movie with Julia Roberts called “Eat Pray Love.”

Reaching the College Market by Looking Beyond…

I spent the long 4th of July holiday weekend visiting colleges with my daughter. She’s a “rising Senior” in high school, so we are picking out the schools that she will apply to in the fall. It’s a stressful time for a young person, and as a parent I know the enormity of

Color Wars

There were the cola wars, and then the french fry wars…now we are witnessing the color wars. All the major paint brands have been ramping up their marketing and offering all sorts of value added services to lure the DIY (do-it-yourself) decorator to buy paint, specifically their paint. And they are including women in their