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It’s Never Too Soon to Engage an Agency!

Structurally Speaking. Often I am asked “When should we get you guys [agency] involved?” And I always respond, “As soon as you can!” Far too many times an agency is brought into a design project too late. For example, the packaging structure has already been developed and assets are

Should We Settle for Intuition?

Be creative. Or, just ask! Often, we are creating designs for brands where there is no budget for consumer testing. That leaves us at the mercy of our own intuition and experience to determine whether a chosen design will speak to the target consumer in a way that is compelling enough

Stay Focused on the Relationship

Honor and Respect the Consumer and Brand As CPG professionals, we identify white space opportunities for bringing new brands to market, or for repositioning brands in an ever-changing environment to stay ahead of the competition. The challenge and excitement of marketing can sometimes send us into the

The “Stopper.” Why DID that stop me?

Occasionally, I go to the grocery store and walk up and down each aisle with only one thing in mind – to see which brand will stop me. To find which seashell (package) will grab my attention as I walk along the shores of the “sea of sameness” that stretches as far as